1. Please, try to publish post another way: Go to the left menu> Settings> Turn off direct publishing to Instagram.
  2. Then follow the instructions below:
  • Update the Instagram app to the latest available version.
  • Update the Content Office app to the latest available version.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the iOS installed on your device. 
  • Log out of your current Instagram account: Open the left menu  → Profile → Select a project → Log out → Log in back to the Content Office app.

Problem persists?

  1. Delete and reinstall the Instagram app. Note: you will need to log back into your Instagram account(s) on Content Office as well.

Problem still persists?

  1. Please send us request to get personalised help.
  2. Please take screenshots of error messages or record a video.
  3. Specify in your request whether you use any third-party apps for automatic input/promoting your Instagram account(mass-following,mass-liking, auto-positing).