Instagram is continuously improving users Privacy security; that’s why Facebook requires you to go through several stages to connect your business account. Instagram and Facebook provide the methods used to connect an Instagram account to Content Office.

1. Update the Content Office app to the latest available version. You could check the Content Office app's latest update through the App Store search.

2. Check your Facebook page permissions settings.
  • To check a Business Instagram connection with a Facebook page, you should have an admin or editor role. If you are not the owner of the page, then check if you have permission to edit it.
  • To find out your role, go to this page on Facebook page → Settings → Page Roles.

3. Check a Business Instagram account connection with Facebook Page: Open ‘Settings’ of your Facebook page → Instagram.

4. Update permissions to link Content Office to Facebook:

    • Open Content Office → Profile → Log out.
    • Open Facebook account settings → Security: Business Integration → Active → Select Content Office → Remove → Don’t allow to delete account data in Content Office → Remove.
    • Open Content Office → Log in to your account.
    1. Open Content Office → Office → Projects → Select a project → Tap + to add an Instagram account → Professional.

5. Connect Facebook to Content Office:

    • Open Content Office → Office → Projects → Select a project →  Logout of your Instagram account.
    • Tap + button to add the account again > Professional.
    • Log in to Facebook → Allow all permissions during the authorization to manage your pages.
    • Select a Facebook page from the list.