1. If an Instagram account is not connected to the project, then open the ‹Office› tab → Projects → Select a project → Tap ‹Connect› → Select one of the options to connect an Instagram account.
  2. If an Instagram feed is displayed incorrectly: Open the ‹Grid› tab → Select → Repair → Refresh feed preview.

In order to Pin Planning post to the top of the feed:

Open the ‹Grid› tab → Tap ‹Select› → Select published or planning post → Pin.

In order to manually Attach an Instagram-published post to the top of the feed:

  1. Open the ‹Grid› tab → Tap Select → Repair → Tap ‹`Attach post to grid`› → Choose one of two options: ‹Copypost link› or ‹Upload from Library›

• Tap ‹Copy post link› → Open Instagram post → Tap ••• (More) → Tap ‹Link› → Go back to Content Office → Allow to paste post → Tap where to attach post → Left / Right


• Tap ‹Upload from Library› → Select media → Add → Tap where to attach post  → Left/Right