How to invite another member to collaborate on a project

To allow another member to join your project for free, a project owner should send an invitation to a new member:

➀ Open the Office tab → Projects → Select a project → Tap the  icon to add a new member.

➁ Add a member's name → Manage access permission to the project →Tap  ‹Invite› → Share with a new member a link to access the project.

Invited member access rights to the project

➀ The project owner can invite other team members to the project and set up individual access permissions for every team member.

➁ Some features of the project owner's subscription plan are available to invited members for free:

Available by default:

• View the Grid and Guide tab.

Available by permission:

• Editing Posts, Stories and Reels

• Access to Office tools

• Management of project members

• Instagram account management

➂ If the project owner's subscription is inactive, then the invited member's access to the project will also be inactivated. 

➃ If the project is unavailable to the invited member, then the project owner needs to ensure that the latest version of the application is installed for all project members.

How to delete another team member from a project

Open the Office tab → Projects → Select a project → Go to editing a project member → Tap ‹Delete member›.

How to manage permissions access to your Instagram account

• Invited members have access to project content.

• Invited members don’t have access to an Instagram account of a project owner.

• If you want to give another member permission to post on Instagram, share your Instagram login data.