Click on Story, and while holding, drag and drop it to another place or another Stories collection.

• To move multiple Stories, double-click on Stories, then tap between Stories where you want to paste it. 

• To change the scale of displaying stories, click on the ‹Scale›  icon at the bottom right of the screen.

• To quickly replace photo/video of Stories: Select one or multiple Stories → Tap ‹Edit› → Replace → Choose photos / videos from Photo Library → Replace.

• To adjust photos / videos of Stories: Select one or multiple Stories → Click ‹Edit› → Adjust → Save. To edit the rest of selected Stories, choose a photo / video from the list → Edit → Adjust.

• To merge several Stories in a Carousel: Select multiple Stories → Click on the ••• ‹More› icon → Merge.

• Easily restore deleted and published Stories to the grid. Open the ‹Grid/Stories› tab → Click on the + icon → Archive → Select Stories → Restore. All copies of deleted/published Stories are stored in the ‹Office› tab → Archive.

Content Office also has a ‹Guide› section, where you can find author's articles on all topics related to designing a feed, managing, and marketing Instagram.