Issues with post notifications

• Make sure your device's settings allow notifications from Content Office by opening the Settings app → Notifications → Find the Content Office app → Allow notifications.

• In the Content Office app, open the Profile tab → Privacy → Enable Notification permissions;

• Also, on the screen for setting the date and time of the post reminder, make sure that the ‹Reminder› function is enabled;

Error when posting to Instagram

➀ Do the following:

• Make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app and Content Office installed;

• Make sure you have the latest version of iOS installed;

• Restart the Instagram app (remove it from the background and open it again);

• Restart your iPhone/iPad;

• In the Instagram app, log out and log into your account.

• Delete the Instagram app and install it again (After uninstalling, you will need to re-login all Instagram accounts in our app);

➁ If the problem persists, then publish the post as follows: Profile → Privacy → Other → Enable additional posting method.

➂ Open the ‹Grid/Feed› tab → Open a post → Publish → Select an additional publishing method → Publish.

➃ If the problem persists, please send us a request.

Posts are being published to the wrong Instagram account

Before you post to Instagram, please go to Instagram and log into the right account or select the right IG account manually.